Energy and Frequency Healing – Professor Dawie Smith



Ansie Barnard – Stroke Recovery



Ansie Barnard – Stroke Recovery (Continued)



Braam Bam – Prostate Cancer



CellQuicken Diabetes Success



CellQuicken Cancer Success



CellQuicken A Better Life for All



Discover the Fortune behind Good health; Health "Matters"



Pieter Smit – Neuropathy, Lipoma, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Piles



Canary Farming Discovery – Willie Botha



Bradycardia – Braam Bam



General Wellbeing – Mel Ueckerman



Back Injury – June Bam



General Well-being



CellQuicken Agent – 3 Cancer Clients



CellQuicken Agent Cor Rautenbach – Clients



Carl Haasbroek – Kidney problems



Gert van Tonder and Mrs – Walking again



Gys Brits – Diabetes



Willie Botha – Father's Eyes



Cataracts and Diabetes






Kevin Jordan – Motor neuron disease



Hendrik Dreyer – Cancer



Mathilda Venter – Cervical Cancer



Christa's Father – Stroke Recovery



Christo Oosthuizen – Ankle Pain



Hannes van Rensburg – Health and Energy at 71



Yvonne Olivier – Sinus, Collagen, Beauty and more



Frik Page – Lung Cancer



Ludwig Eybers – Eyes and Kidney Fails



Ria van As – Asthma and good experiences



Jarrod Venter – Tummy Ache



Henriette Brand – Foster Care Dogs



Oom Jannie – Wife's Dementia Reversed




Johan Joubert – Knee, Back and Jaw Pains



Dawn Burns – Asthma, Back Pain and Heart



Annetjie Eloff – Cataracts and Pain



Louise Kotze – Pain, Depression and more



Pat van der Heever – Cancer and Health Discovery



Michael Plumstead – Diabetes



Rina Smit – Back Pain, Skin and Cold Feet



Marie du Toit – Arthritis, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol