Love and good health are the most beautiful gifts you can receive at 50, because it means you can grow old gracefully and happily. 

As we celebrate a milestone in the month of May with Raymond’s 50th birthday, what better way than to give each one the opportunity to receive a gift. 

A gift of health, a gift of a healthier future, the gift of knowing where your health is heading, the gift of longer, lasting better health. 

CellQuicken is now giving you the following opportunity 
R50 000 worth of Gift Vouchers.



  • To get the R2500 initiating bonus, register as a life ambassador HERE or if you are already registered, you already have received this.
  • Your first referral can use the R2500.
  • When your first sale has been completed, then only will you have access to the next gift voucher of R7500.
  • When your second sale is completed you will have access to R15000 gift voucher
  • When your third sale is complete you will receive your third gift voucher of R25000

These vouchers can be given as a discount for a client to purchase in increments of R5000 or the full voucher.

  • Unused vouchers can be accumulated and exchanged for the purchase of a full unit. Difference payable by 31 May 2018.



  1. Vouchers are not transferable for cash
  2. Vouchers may not be used in conjunction with other offers giveaways
  3. Vouchers expire on 31 May 2018
  4. Vouchers may be used for the purchase of any RoyalVibe product hardware or Personalized Treatment Prescription
  5. No change is issued on a voucher
  6. Voucher can be broken up in denominations of R5000 
  7. Vouchers are not exchangeable or refundable
  8. Commissions paid on total paid by client. 
  9. Delivery of product takes place as and when stock is avilable
  10. Paid clients delivery will take preference above cashed in coupons
  11. Vouchers are only issued on full package purchases and also calculated as a Magic May promotion sale.
  12. Magic May vocuhers are based on full package purchases only.
  13. Discount  vouchers can be accumulated to be given to the client as a discount or accumulated for the purchase of product.
  14. Gift Vouchers are only issued once the previous transaction has been completed. 
  15. A concluded transaction is a fully paid transaction