"I have owned and used the CellQuicken Focused Ultrasound instrument since 2017 to scan and treat myself, my family and friends. I have also built-up a successful business scanning, interpreting and advising clients from all over KwaZulu-Natal using CellQuicken. Although I do not advertise the service, my appointment schedule has constantly remained booked six weeks in advance for the last two years, whilst I have been studying and achieving a Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine through Quantum University.

My thesis featured CellQuicken as the main mode of healing in my business with no fewer than 8 case studies. Clients love this modalities' safe accuracy, and are always delighted with their incredible health recoveries. All of them subsequently refer their family and friends for an appointment. It is the most valuable instrument I have ever invested in, from a health and business perspective. The support from Dr Venter and the CellQuicken team is awesome. I just love this healing technology."

Your present or future clients will benefit when investing  in the CellQuicken products:

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