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Electrical charge (energy electron field) of 70 to 90 millivolt (DC) is required for healthy cells (anti aging and repairing) and communication of cell to cell, neuron to neuron.

eclectic charge in cells to communicate
With low volt; nutrients are not distributed to energies the cell and the cell’s needs can not be known with no cell communication or should I say low volt. (stand in front of the fridge not knowing what you want to eat)
If there is not enough communication, the request for the correct nutrients or Pituitary Gland generated chemical cannot be delivered. No anti bodies are requested or distributed, taking the cake instead of the yogurt out the fridge, may be a sign of emotional eating and not the cell communicated choice of eating, etc.
Thus; low voltage results are: element, cancer, obesity, high/low blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

70 millivolt is restoring cells and 90 millivolt is creating new cells with no or reduced aging/decay/distortion/etc. and even repairing DNA

A healthy growing child has mostly 90 millivolt cell to cell communication.

If you have 90 millivolt cell to cell communication, you are slowing down aging and even in reverse.
Ground breaking research out of the Moscow Institute of Control Science shows that the DNA in each of our cells carries complex information on the whole body.
Drill down further from DNA and atomic structure to the subatomic realm of quantum physics and you find some physicists strongly suggest that the nature of reality is analogous to that of a holographic projection. How Does Cellular DNA Communicate Holographically?
Scientist propose that DNA functions in a way that correlates with holographic projection. DNA projects a blueprint for the organism that is translated from the electrodynamics’ to the molecular level and functions as a bio-computer. This DNA-wave bio-computer reads and writes genetic code and forms holographic pre-images of bio structures.
Furthermore, recent presentations at the 2nd DNA World Congress (WDD-2011) in Dalian, China demonstrated the physics behind the cellular communication of the body, resonance of DNA and that of colloidal water, which can be signaled using scalar longitudinal waves.